Here is what I can do for your clients.

Where all of the beneficiaries of the trust are in agreement, nobody would contest (even someone with no standing), and an uncontested ex parte matter would be appropriate:

  • Temporarily move the county of administration from your county to Santa Clara County, using my office as the mailing address.  This makes Santa Clara County a proper county for venue for the Probate Code Section 15403 or 15409 petition.  I then send out a letter to the beneficiaries informing them of the change of county of administration;
  • Draft the appropriate petition, waivers of notice and consents (for the beneficiaries), proposed order, and, if necessary, transfer paperwork for California real estate (Heggstad);
  • Circulate paperwork electronically or by mail to your client and trust beneficiaries for signature;
  • Once complied, submit complete ex parte petition with attachments and declarations to the Probate Examiner in Santa Clara County (I walk this to the Courthouse myself);
  • Once order is signed, pick up petition and file with the Clerk, then get copy of order (including certified copy if need) for delivery to client and/or recordation with appropriate county recorder.;
  • Trustee then sends out another notice moving the county of administration back to the original county.