I charge a $5,550.00 fixed fee for a “clean” ex parte petition to modify an irrevocable trust under Probate Code Section 15403 or 15409.    A clean petition is one where there are no interested parties that would object to the action being taken.

There is an additional fixed fee of $1,750.00 if one or more current or remainder beneficiaries of the irrevocable trust are minors (i.e. under the age of 18 years). 

The total fee covers:

  • Necessary face-to-face meetings and/or teleconferences;

  • Gathering of necessary information to draft the petition;

  • Drafting of petition, waivers of notice of hearing and consents of all interested parties;

  • Coordination of the distribution of the petition draft and waivers of consents to all interested parties;

  • Once all paperwork is complete, direct delivery of the completed petition to the San Mateo County Probate Examiner and Probate Court;

  • Once the order is signed by the Probate Court, direct pickup of the signed order, including filing of the petition and order (fixed fee covers the filing fees and the fees for issuance of the certified copy(ies) of the Probate Court order)

  • Obtain one or more certified copies of the Probate Court order;

  • Scan and email copy of certified Probate Court order, with delivery of original by mail to the Petitioner.

  • (If there is a minor beneficiary)  Preparation of an ex parte Petition for Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to represent the interests of the minor(s), payment of the attorney’s fee for the appointed GAL and filing fee for the Petition.  Interaction with the GAL (providing copy of petition and obtaining signed consent form for filing with the modification petition.

My fixed fee includes the payment of court filing fees, including one certified copy of the Court order granting the modification petition.  If the fixed fee includes appointment of a guardian ad litem, the fee covers payment of the attorney’s fee of the appointed guardian ad litem and filing fees for the petition and a certified copy of the order.

Note: Additional certified copies of any Court order are $26.00.

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