I charge a $5,550 fixed fee for a “clean” ex parte Heggstad, which covers necessary face-to-face meetings and/or teleconferences, gathering of necessary information, drafting of the petition, waivers and consents and proposed order, coordinating distribution of the petition and “waivers and consents” to the beneficiaries, hand delivery of the petition to the Probate Examiner, and hand pickup of the signed order and filing of the petition and order.

My fixed fee includes the payment of court filing fees, including one certified copy of the Court order granting the petition.

Additional certified copies of the Court order are $26.00.

If requested prior to obtaining the Court order, preparation of transfer paperwork for California real property is $200.00 for each property, which includes a certified copy of the Court order for each property, and the County Recorder’s fees for recording the Court order transferring ownership of the property into the decedent’s trust.

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